Uzbekistan has a favorable geographical location, which in the past allowed it to be a transit country on the Great Silk Road. And now the international airports of Uzbekistan serve as transit airports connecting Western and Eastern countries. In addition, Uzbekistan is a country that hospitably welcomes foreign investors, businessmen and tourists from different parts of the world.

Today, in the field of commercial air transportation of passengers, companies such as Uzbekistan Airways, Qanot Sharq, Silk Avia, Air Samarkand, Centrum Air, Humo Air, Panorama Airways operate.

The largest part of domestic flights is operated by Uzbekistan Airways JSC. You can find out more about the flights here.

Light Aviation
Light Aviation


The airline LLC “Helicopters of Uzbekistan” as a structural unit is part of JSC “Uzbekistan Airways”. The company talks about its fleet of helicopters. The helicopters are based at Tashkent International Airport named after I.Karimov LLC and operate flights throughout Uzbekistan. The scope of their application is varied.

In particular, Mi-8MTV-1, AIRBUS H130, AIRBUS H125 helicopters are used to serve groups of foreign tourists for skiing and snowboarding along the mountain ranges along the Pskem River basin, the Charvak reservoir and the Chimgan mountain tract in the Tashkent region.