Visa of the Rebuplic Of Uzbekistan
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The legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan has set the following consular fees for issuance of the single entry visa:

a) For individual (up to 5 people, excluding children under 16 years) single-entry visas:

  • 30 days – 40 US dollars per person;

Note: For each additional entry the fee shall be increased by $10.

b) For group visas (there must be at least 5 people in the group, excluding children under 16):

  • 30 days – 15 US dollars per person.

Except these fees the fees for reimbursement of actual expenses related to the visa issuance (administrative fees) will also be paid. The rates of these fees depend on the place of visa issuance (irrespective of applicant’s citizenship).

The information about Uzbekistan visa issuance you may find here.