Important information for tourists in Uzbekistan
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It is always necessary to keep such valuable documents as passport, currency, traveler’s checks, air tickets, credit cards etc. with yourself. Take precautions in order to avoid loss of valuable things. Upon arrival in the hotel, it is necessary for you to present your passport for registration. Don’t forget to take it with you before departure.

There are no prohibitions for tourists wishing to take photographs of places they are interested in. Taking photographs is prohibited in the airport and railway stations, at some religious memorials, military units and Tashkent underground. Accompanying guide will always explain all questions you are interested in. Also, pay attention to payment for taking photographs in the majority of places for excursions (not included in the cost of the tour). Films and batteries are available on sale but we recommend you to buy all necessary items before your arrival, especially if you have the latest modification or a high-end type of a photo / video camera that requires a specific type of film or batteries.

Mineral water of local production contains a higher level of mineral substances than water of foreign production. The taste may seem to you quite salty (these mineral waters are considered as medicinal). Imported hard drinks and wines are available on sale.

Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by amazing jewelries, clothes and handicraft of Central Asia. Books, post cards and maps are also widespread souvenirs. There are some limitations for exporting of rarities. Ask your tour guide the detailed information concerning this issue before purchase.

Additional payments
You are responsible for payment of additional hotel bills for phone calls, room service, use of a mini bar and laundry. Before leaving hotel, provided by the tour, please, make sure, you paid off all additional bills.

For traveling in Uzbekistan, we recommend you to wear very light and loose clothes. You can wear a pullover or jacket during cool evenings. During excursions and sightseeing, when you walk in dry and dusty places (sand, stones etc.) comfortable, firm shoes with solid soles will be significantly useful. There is a necessity to remove your shoes upon entering some religious places and constructions. There are no special requirements for clothes in order to visit Islamic religious places, except for the need of covering most parts of your body, including arms and legs. Tourist better wear comfortable but not fashionable clothes. It is desirable to leave home valuable jewelry and any clothes that require special care. Due to high risk of sunburns, your clothes should have maximum protection. For example, hat with wide flaps and sunglasses.

A bag with a long, firm strap or small rucksack can serve as the most efficient method of carrying your camera and personal things during your stay in Uzbekistan. Your luggage should be protected with a lock. Make sure your luggage is marked. Your name should be indicated on the label. Also, mark your luggage inside bags. It will allow the airport employees to identify your luggage in case of its loss. Never leave your luggage unsupervised in airports or railway stations.

Free transportation of luggage for air flight is 20 kg per person plus one additional item of hand luggage for domestic flights within Central Asia, except of Turkmenistan where the maximum weight of luggage is 10 kg. Since you’ll travel in some regions where conditions of travel are essential, we insist on limiting of your luggage to one suitcase or rucksack and one sleeping-bag. A folder or wallet for keeping of your necessary documents and money will also be an important part of your luggage.

Map Location 41 00 N, 64 00 E – Central Asia, north of Afghanistan
Total area 447,400 sq km
Land area  425,400 sq km
Land boundaries 6,221 km
Border countries  Afghanistan 137 km, Kazakhstan 2,203 km, Kyrgyzstan 1,099 km, Tajikistan 1,161 km, Turkmenistan 1,621 km and the Aral Sea (420 km).

Mostly mid-latitude desert, long, hot summers, mild winters; semiarid grassland in east.

Mostly flat-to-rolling sandy desert with dunes; broad, flat intensely irrigated river valleys along course of Amu Darya and Sir Darya; Fergana Valley in east surrounded by mountainous Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan; shrinking Aral Sea in west
Lowest point  Saryqarnish Kuli – 12 m
Highest point  Adelunga Toghi 4,301 m
Geographic note  Landlocked
Uzbekistan airlanies information
Passengers on international flights have the following free baggage allowances:
Flight to Europe/Asia
First class          40 kg
Business class   30 kg
Economic class  20 kg

No single piece of luggage may weight more than 20 kg or have combined dimensions (height plus width plus depth) of more than 162 cm. Passengers may take hand luggage into the cabin free of charge, as long as it weighs no more than 5 kg. And its dimensions do not exceed 50x40x20 cm.

The following items of unregistered baggage may be taken on board:
radios, televisions, video recorders, calculators, provided that their size does not exceed the allowable dimensions for hand luggage. If the weight and dimensions of such items exceed the limits set, the passenger may, with the permission of the airline, take them into the cabin as registered hand baggage, on payment of an additional sum. Outsize baggage (greater than 162 cm or 20 kg) may only be carried with the prior agreement of the line.

Passengers breaking their journey for more than 72 hours should reconfirm their reservation for their onward flight not later than 72 hours before departure, or in the case of transfer flights, not more than 2 hours after arrival.

Visa in Uzbekistan
Normal passport only. Passport must be valid for period of intended stay and visa required. Visa must be used with in 1 month after issuance date.
holding visa, return/onward ticket not required;
holding tourist visa, passengers must also hold HOTEL voucher;
visiting relatives, passengers must register with local police. Registration will be strictly checked when leaving Uzbekistan.

Import and export of cash foreign currency and goods to Uzbekistan.
Import and export of cash foreign currency into and out of Uzbekistan by any persons (both residents and non-residents of Uzbekistan) within the amount equal to or not exceeding the equivalent of US $ 2,000 can be done without obligatory written declaration.
When importing and exporting of cash foreign currency exceeding the equivalent of US $ 2,000, the entire amount should be declared in writing.
The owner of the currency must mention the entire amount of imported or exported cash foreign currency into the customs declaration.
Import of cash foreign currency by any persons to Uzbekistan can be done without any restrictions.
Export of cash foreign currency from Uzbekistan by any persons can be done without any permits within the amount equal to or not exceeding the equivalent of US $ 5,000.
Export of amounts exceeding the equivalent of US $ 5,000 should be done by residents of Uzbekistan on the basis of the permission of the Central Bank of the country, and by non-residents – on the basis of a passenger customs declaration filled in at the entrance to Uzbekistan, but amount of cash foreign currency indicated in customs declaration should be no less than the exported cash amount.

The goods forbidden to export are:
grain, wheat, rye, barley, rice, com, buckwheat, bakery product, cattle, bird, meat, tea, spirit, flour, groats, dry milk, sugar, vegetable oils;
antiquities (on the conclusion of the Ministry of cultural affairs), tanning, fur, including astrakhan raw material;
breakage and waste of non-ferrous metal, cocoons of silkworm, filoselle, silk waste;

The goods forbidden to import are:
Products of press, manuscripts, cliche, drawings, photosnapshote, films, negatives. film-, video- and audio production, recordings, sound materials, directed on having undermined of the slate and social order, transgression of territorial integrity, political independence and slate sovereignty, propagandizing of war, terrorism, violence, national exclusiveness and religious hatred, racism and its variety, and also obscene material.

The norm of drug and medical products permitted for single-entry importation into the Republic of Uzbekistan by individual for the purpose of personal use.