Uzbekistan hotels introduced the “E-mehmonxona” software package

Published: 21 December, 2017

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The hotels of Uzbekistan launched the “E-mehmonxona” software package, which allows filling in the necessary information online.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs canceled the requirements for completing the registration book and for providing information by the subjects of tourism about persons who have been accommodated in hotels or other accommodation facilities.

In addition, terms such as “campground”, “land transport, converted to accommodations for overnight accommodation” were added to the concept of accommodation facility.

In addition, registration of foreign tourists during ecological tours or motor rides across the country is simplified. This procedure is also transferred to the electronic form, which will be filled by tour operators and will be equal to a temporary residence permit in cases when the tour given by the operator is made by foreigners on a personal car, motorcycle, bicycle, on foot or as a group on a bus accompanied by a guide.

The following article was prepared on the grounds of State Committee of Tourism.