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Kazakhstan lays in the northern part of Central Asia. Republic of Kazakhstan has 9th rank in the world by the territory. Kazakhstan borders with Russian Federation on the north and west, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan – on the south, China – on the east. Borders also align the Caspian seashore on the southwest. The most part of country territory is lowland and low plateau set of by mountain ranges with lots of lakes and rivers on the east and south-east. The state is rich in ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals, petroleum, coal and phosphorus.

Distinctly continental.  In January the average temperature in northern and central regions fluctuates within the range of -19° C to -30° C; in southern regions – from -5° C to -14° C. Average July temperature in northern regions reaches +20° C, in southern regions -rises up to +29° C.

Sectors of metal mining industry, fuel industry, and metallurgy are the most developed and are functioning for EXPORT. Chemical, light and food industry, engineering and building materials industry are well developed either and oriented to domestic market.

The most developed is production of grain (wheat). Main regions producing grain are northern and central provinces of Kazakhstan. Among other grain crops are rice and cotton grown on irrigated land of the south. Livestock breeding (sheep breeding, cattle breeding and horse breeding) is highly developed.

National currency: Tenge
Area: 2,724,900 sq. km.
Population: 17.7 million people (2016 y.)
Administrative divisions: 14 provinces and capital city
Capital: Astana
Head of State: President
National Legislature: Parliament, a bicameral body consisting of the Senate and the Majlis
Languages: Kazakh (official), Russian (language of interethnic communication)
Ethnic groups: Kazakhs (66.48%), Russian (20.61%), Uzbeks (3.11%), Ukrainians (1.64%), the Uighurs (1.45%), Tatars (1.15%) and others.
Religions: Sunni Muslim, Russian Orthodox, Protestant

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