Amir Temur
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Amir Temur was born in 9th April 1336 in HodjaIlgor village (Yakkabag) near Kesh (Shahrisabz). His father emir Muhammad Taragaj was from notable family of a Turkic sort barlas.

It is known that name of Amir Timur was Tekina Mohegam, but its origin remained very contradictory information. The childhood and youth of Amir Temur was held in the mountains of the Cache. Amir Temur loved hunting and equestrian events, javelin and archery, had a penchant for war games in his youth.

Amir Temur was brave and restrained. He was able to make the right decision in difficult situations with the sobriety of judgment,. These traits and attracted people. Military service Temur began the local rulers. Glory brought Temur with the influential emirs of Transoxiana.

According to sources, Tamerlane was fond of chess, perhaps, was the champion of his time.

He Died during a campaign against China.

Tamerlan was buried in the Gur Emir mausoleum, wich was still unfinished at that time. Official ceremonies were held on March 18 in 1405, by Timur’s grandson, Khalil Sultan (1405-1409).