Tashkent underground (metro)
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Tashkent is a city that differs from other cities in Uzbekistan both in its architecture and in its lifestyle. Visiting of historical monuments of Tashkent during the tour to Uzbekistan is inferior to Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva. However, it does not deprive Tashkent of being unique and pleasing for its guests. The best example of this is Tashkent Metro.

The construction of Tashkent metro is connected with the tragic events in the history of Uzbekistan. After the strongest earthquake in 1966, Tashkent had to be rebuilt. Therefore, by 1977, when the USSR was celebrating its 60th anniversary, the first metro line was opened. Further, several years later, in 1991, the second line was already in operation, and another ten years later, the third one.

Each station has its own unique look. Massive columns, granite decoration, lighting, unique images. For example, during the visit of the station “Cosmonauts”, which is located near such hotel in Tashkent as «Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace», it is impossible to be indifferent to the muffled light and rich blue colors that convey the atmosphere of the cosmos. But for example, the station “Amir Temur”, which is located in the heart of the capital near the hotels «Uzbekistan», and «Le Grande Plaza» is very light.

During the tour to Uzbekistan, or to be more precise, during the tour to Tashkent underground, you will certainly pay attention to the name of the stations. The stations are named either in honor of the great people of Uzbekistan, or some event. For example, the station “Great Silk Road” (tour along the Great Silk Road), “Alisher Navoi”, “Amir Temur”, “Yunus Rajabi”, etc.

To date, there are 29 stations, but now other stations are being designed.