Origin of Uzbeks
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Formation of the Uzbek nation is the result of long-term ethnic processes. As a separate ethnic group, Uzbeks mostly formed in the Central Asian regions such as the Transoxiana, Khorezm, and the Seven Rivers.

Most of the Uzbek people, who lived on the territory of modern Uzbekistan, werelocal Sogdians, Bactrians, Khorezm, residents of Chach, settled tribes engaged in workmanship. Also in the ethno genesis of Uzbek people have contributed arrived in Transoxiana people of southern Siberia, Altai, and Turkestan.

After mixing, the tribes between the Amudarya and Syrdarya began to form an anthropological image of the Uzbek. In addition, during Kang era in the statein the 3rd century BC the image of the current Uzbek was fully formed.

Also, in the ethno genesis of the Uzbeks influenced Turkic tribes which arrived to Central Asia during the Turkic khanate. The final link in the formation of the Uzbek people was the transfer of political power to the Turkic dynasties in Transoxiana and Khorezm.

Moreover, the very origin of the word Uzbek is still not scientifically approved. However, there is a version that Uzbek comes from the merger of two Uzbek words «O’z» – himself, and «Bek» – the leader, thus meaning independent.