Bukhara – Gijduvan – Bukhara
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Breakfast is in the hotel.
Departure to Gijduvan (46 km from Bukhara).

Visit the museum of ceramics in Gijduvan, where hereditary master ceramists Abdullo and Alisher Narzullaevy work together with students and families. The museum complex includes a museum of ceramics, an exhibition hall, a ceramic workshop and a traditional building.

In Uzbekistan there are several famous ancient centers for the production of ceramics, each of which is peculiar and different in style. It’s presented the main ones of them in the museum.

Lunch is in the house of the ceramist, during which you can taste the menu of Gijduvan cuisine.

Master-class of preparation of the national Uzbek dish “kovurma-lagman”. Demonstration of baking national Uzbek bread “cake”.

If desired, guests can try and knead and bake a cake in tandyr (clay oven) .

In the ceramic workshop one can see the process of making traditional ceramic dishes – hand-molded on pottery circles, painting, an old way of making glaze with the help of a mill rotated by a donkey, finally, with firing, which is made in traditional ovens – humidons. Guests can participate in this process themselves.

Also, during the visit to the workshop, at the request of the guests, the female part  of the group can get acquainted and take part in the process of applying the traditional Uzbek make-up: drawing osma on the eyebrows, see how Uzbek girls and women have been doing it for many years for better growth and denser brow .

Traditionally, with the arrival of spring, the female population planted sprouts of the osma, and with the appearance of the first leaves the girls gathered at the canal and drew each other on the eyebrows, talking and singing the songs. It’s  continued throughout the warm season. The osma gives the eyebrows a thick dark greenish color, and if applied regularly, the greenish shade disappears, and the eyebrows become black and thick.

Return to Bukhara.
Overnight is in Bukhara.