Uzbek gastronomic tourism presents in Paris

Published: 29 September, 2017

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In Paris (France), the International Gastronomic Festival with delegations from more than 40 countries was held.

The main events of this festival were held not far from the Eiffel Tower, in a specially developed gastronomic village “Le Village International de la Gastronomie” (“International Village of Gastronomy”).

Residents and guests of the French capital had an unique opportunity to appreciate the culinary art of the Uzbek people, to learn the unique and unforgettable taste of the national dishes of our country.

A special delight among the participants and visitors of the festival was caused by Uzbek pilaf prepared by Uzbek kitchen masters. In addition, a culinary master class was organized for all guests of the event.

It should be noted that the national stand of our country at the festival was visited by famous French personalities, including President of the festival, writer E. Halter and the famous French baker E. Keizer.


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