Interesting activities to do in Uzbekistan

Published: 13 February, 2018

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Uzbekistan is a country of sun and warmth. We are talking not only about the weather outside the window, but also about the hospitable atmosphere and people.

Uzbekistan is just full of colors and contrasts: hot desert sands and clear lakes, inaccessible mountains and oases, modern buildings and ancient cities that have welcomed Alexander the Great and Tamerlane.

To taste all the charm of Eastern life, it is necessary to do several things during your trip to Uzbekistan. You should not stay at the hotels of Uzbekistan. The travel company «Novotours Silk Road» has prepared a list of unique activities that are possible only in Uzbekistan.

1. To reveal the secrets of silk production:
The silk is manufactured in two factories in Margilan, one of them is the largest in Central Asia (“Khan Atlas”) and another one is single factory, where silk is manufactured by hand-made (“Yodgorlik”).
Silk of Margilan is unique, because the masters created unique method of retrieval threads from cocoons and their staining. This method has already used for 4000 year.

2. Learn the secrets of preparing “eternal” Samarkand paper:
Near Samarkand, there is factory of production hand-made paper.As the founders of the factory,Mukhtarov brothers resumed their ancient tradition of paper production.
The territory of the factory is picturesque place with a small river, lots of trees and of course teahouse where you can watch this unique process with your own eyes.

3. Try a unique Samarkand bread:
There is even a legend about Emir of Bukhara. One day during his visit in Samarkand, he tried local bread. He liked them so much that he sent the best baker to Bukhara. After arriving, the emir ordered to bake the same bread as in Samarkand. Samarkand flour, tandir oven and even water were brought in order to repeat this unique taste. However, when the emir tried the bread, the taste turned out to be different. Then he commanded the baker to explain why the bread was not the same as in Samarkand. The baker replied: “The Samarkand air could not be carried!”.


4. Fall in love with Uzbek cuisine:
Ways of preparing Uzbek dishes have been collected for several centuries, constantly changing their history under the influence of other people. However, Uzbek dishes have retained their characteristic feature: almost all Uzbek cuisine is cooked on a plentiful oily basis. Above the creation of traditional recipes of Uzbek dishes, not only skillful culinary specialists worked, but also experts in medicine. According to one legend, Abu ali Ibn Sino (Avicenna)  createdthe recipe for the most famous dish of Uzbek cuisine plov.


5. Become a connoisseur of pottery:
Traditional centers of this craft in Uzbekistan are RishtanBukhara and Samarkand.
If you want to plunge into the world of oriental ceramics while traveling to Uzbekistan, you will certainly have to visit Rishtan. Rishtan is a small town in the Fergana Valley, between Fergana and Kokand. A unique feature of Rishtan ceramics is considered its bright blue glaze called “ishkor”. It is obtained from the ashes of plants.