Kitab – Aksuv (Hujaisparos)
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The shrine “Aksuv” is located 17 km far from southeast of the city of Kitab, in the village of Khuzhaisparoz. Three great sheikhs are buriedthere: ShaykhShamsiddin and his son ShaykhNazhmiddin, as well as the great Pir DervishMuhammad.

Aksuv River flows through this sacred place. Many people come here to heal skin diseases. The period of treatment starts from 22 June and lasts for four weeks every Wednesday. People bathe in the river until sunrise.

HAZRATH SHEIKH SHAMSIDDIN was born in the village of Hezzan (near the village of Farob of the Panjakent region of the Republic of Tajikistan). After receiving a full-fledged primary education, he learned “ilmikol” and “ilmihol” from his father Sheikh HuzhozhiyParrand. After receiving blessing, the young Sheikh Shamsiddin settled in the village of Khuzhaisfaroz (Khuzhaisparoz) and tried to enlighten local people.

He was engaged in agriculture and the craft of a shoemaker. He was one of the great caliphs and studied the secrets of science from HadhratSulton Said Ahmad Bashir.

He had a great personality. He brought up many saints, sheikhs and great representatives of science.

He died in the Khuzhaisparoz village in 1501. His story is calledKhuzhaazpharosis.

Mavlono DARVISH MUHAMMAD was the great representative of the teachings Khadzhagana. He was a true teacher, a mentor, the sultan of all the saints of his time, the successor of “silsilaioliya” (the highest ring of saints). He fully learned “ilmi col” and “ilmihol.”

After meeting the sheikh of KubraviaNuriddin Muhammad Kofi, knowledge of Darvish Muhammad was highly appreciated.

Darvish Muhammad was describedin such works as “Risoladarsuluk”, “RisolaiKhushdar Dam”.

Being shy to call himself Muhammad, he always called himself Mahmud.

Mavlono Darvish Muhammad taught in the madrasah in Khuzhaisparozuntil 1568.

Mavlono Muhammad Darves was a disciple of KhazratKhozhaAchorri Vali and Sheikh Muhammad Zohid.

Muhammad Darvish fluently spoke Arabian Persian, Tajik, Indian languages ​​and languages ​​of Eastern countries.

The number of followers who came from distant countries was very large. The teacher himself lived on income from agriculture.

Works of HazratiMavlonoare kept abroad, mainly in the library of Sulaimon in Turkey.

The books “Tukhfatulansobo”, “TukhfatAsZoirin”, “KhazinatulAsfiyo” describeHazratMavlono Darvish Muhammad.

This great enlightener died in the village of Asparoz (Khuzhaisparoz) on August 21, 1562. Nowadays this shrine is known as a place of pilgrimage “Aksuv”.


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