Haji Mahmoud Anjir-Fagnawiy
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Hajj Mahmud Anjir-fagnaviy was the most famous Sufi of his time, recognized as the spiritual authority of Maverannahr. He was born in the Vabkent district of Bukhara region in the village of AnzhirFagna.

Hajj Mahmud Anjir-fagnaviy was the successor of the Sufi spiritual tradition. He was a disciple (murid) and a follower of the Sufi HadjiArifaar-Rivgar. He knew the craft of a carpenter and devoted his whole life to work and knowledge of Divine truth.

Haji Mahmud Anjir-Fagnawiywelcomed two types of spiritual ritual in his mystic-ascetic practice. There were khufi, which is quiet (or secret) dhikr of communion with Allah and dzhakhriya, which is collective and loud one.

He was the first who introduced the public dhikr in accordance with the needs of the time and the demands of seekers. When the sheikh was asked about these innovations, he replied: “Let the sleepers wake up.”

Hajj Mahmud Anjir-fagnaviy was the spiritual mentor of the famous Sufi mystic Hajj Ali Ramitani, who had a large number of murids and followers.

Hajj Mahmud Anjir-fagnaviy died in 1286 (or in 1307) and was buried in his native village.

At present, this village is calledAnjirbog. Moreover, a mausoleum and a Friday mosque were built over his grave.

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