Haji Mahmoud Anjir-Fagnawiy
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Hajj Arif Rivgar, or holy Hajj Arif Mohi Tobon, is one of the most famous Sufis of Central Asia. The well-known poet Sufi Abdurahman Jami had repeatedly written about him, his contribution to the tariqa Hadzhagana. In particular, he reported about the place of his birth in the second half of the 12th century. It was Hajj Arif Rivgar settlement in the Vabkent district, which 38 km far from Bukhara. Nowadays this place is calledas Rivgar and is located in the center of Shafirkan district. Abdurakhman Jami noted in his work “Nafahatul-uns”, the significant contribution of Hadji Arif Rivgariy to the Tariqa Hadzhagana. Other information about him is not enough. His manuscript “Arifnoma” has been preserved.

Hajj Arif Riggary was one of the worthy successors of the tradition of the Hadzhagana. He was the second pir of Bukhara from seven sacred pirs. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, it was a handsome man with the right facial features. His spiritual face was similar to the moon. Therefore, his contemporaries called him as “Mohi-tobon” (“Clear Moon”).

Hajj Arif Rivgar died in 1259 at the age of 103 and is buried in his native village. Proceeding from this,it is possible to determine the year of his birth. It was around 1156. The courtyard, where the dakhma with the ashes of the sheikh is located, is framed by iwan. In1977 a Friday mosque was built. Nowadays the architectural complex is landscaped and became avisiting place of the religious.

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