Navruz in Uzbekistan
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For several centuries, the most long-awaited event for the people of Central Asia has been the arrival of spring. This is because in these countries, a revival of nature is celebrated as Navruz holiday. March 21st is a day when the duration of the day and night are equal. Therefore, it means that a new solar cycle began. After all, the very name of the holiday already predetermines its purpose, from Farsi “Navruz” means “a new day”.

The Uzbek people always treat Navruz in a special way. For them, this is not just a holiday, it is a chance and an opportunity to start everything from scratch, forget all the bad things, forgive all grievances. Preparation for the holiday goes beforehand: people take part in khashar (mass cleaning of the territory), whiten trees, dig up gardens, and unload unnecessary things. The celebration itself lasts up to 20 days.

There is even such a belief that the more cheerful and joyful Navruz will be, the more nature will give. Therefore, Uzbek people organize folk festivals, dance, perform ritual songs, exchange gifts, and provide assistance to those in need.

If you are making a tour to Uzbekistan in the early spring, you will certainly be at the center of all events. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of tour it is, whether it is an eco-tour along Uzbekistan or a classical tour. Navruz holiday comes to all corners and cities of Uzbekistan.

However, the main symbols of Navruz «Sumalak» has been remained for several centuries. Sumalak is an eastern treat, which is cooked on firewood from flour and germinated wheat grains. Sprouted grains are considered a symbol of life, well-being and health. The process of making sumalak has its own peculiarities and clear rules. You can find more information about process of making Sumalak in the article about Sumalak.

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