Mrs HUNTRESS Virginia, family of USA citizens in Almaty, 04/04/09
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I have been meaning to write to you. We did have a very good trip over all.

We enjoyed Dilya, the guide very much. She had lots of patience with us since we weren’t able to listen to many stories all the way through and did a lot of chasing of children. She was helpful with playing with them too and they liked her a lot. She worked hard to help us with the hotel food arrangements and shopping requests that we had. It was difficult to get food at the hotels since none of them had menus so we didn’t know what to order at night for the children.

The driver was very good as well. He was friendly and professional and seemed to know the roads very well. We know we caused extra clean up for him each night but he did a good job keeping everything in order and making us feel safe.

It is a beautiful country and very interesting and we have recommended visiting to our expat friends here in Almaty. We learned a lot about Central Asia and that it is very different from KZ which we were not expecting. Quite an adventure. Hopefully the Consular problems can be sorted out so people can get there more easily. Thank you for all your help before our trip.

Regards , Ginny