Mr Giuseppe Cavalli – Member of the group, Italy, 14/10/09
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Dear Nikolay,

I’m writing you about our tour.

  • The guide and the driver was OK.
  • The first adapted the tour to our request.
  • The second drove on the very bad road.
  • For the Hotels:
  • For Nukus – location was ok near the museum and ok the hotel restaurant and the breakfast.
  • In khiva the hotel was very good. (Location, Rooms, services and breakfast).
  • In Bukara the hotel is in a good location with the personal very kind but the rooms are very small.
  • In Samarkanda all Ok.
  • In Tashkent the suite!!! OK.

I write you only for give you some informations and, in the same time, I write you the satisfaction of my friends for your agency.

Good luck Nikolay