Khiva – Urgench – Tashkent
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Breakfast is in the hotel.

Excursion around Khiva:
Architectural ensemble of Ichan-Kala – “Museum in the open air”.
Mausoleum of Pahlavan Makhmud (XVII-XIX), Tosh-Khowli Palace (Harem) (1830-1836), Kunya-Ark Fortress (1868-1888), Kalta-Minor Minaret (1855), Madrassah of Shergazi-Khan (1718-1720), Complex of Alla-Kuli Khan (XIII-XVIII), Juma Mosque and Minaret (XII-XX). Karavan-Saray (XVIII), Minaret and Mosque of Khodja-Islam (1908-1910), Tim of Ala-Kulikhan (XIX), Madrassah of Abdulla-Khan (1865), Mausoleum of Said Alautdin (XIV), Madrassah of Mukhamad Amin-Khan (XIX), Walls of Ichan-Kala (XVIII-XIX), Palvan-Darvaza Gate (XIX).
(Architectural complex of Ichan-Kala is a mini town and excursion is held inside of Ichon-Kala by walk).

Lunch will be organized in the national cafe, where tourists will have the opportunity to try the local delicacy “Shivit osh”.

 Shivit osh – this Khiva delicacy is a variant of the lagman, the dough for which is traditionally kneaded on dill noodles (“shivit” – dill) and the following ingredients are used for its preparation: flour, water, egg, dill, salt, meat, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, katyk and vegetable oil.

Dinner at the restaurant in the national style. For dinner meat rolls “Zarafshan”.

Kiyma “Zarafshan” is also one of the varieties of local dishes, which is prepared only in Khorezm. It is prepared from mutton or beef, onion, egg, vegetable oil, butter, zir, fennel, salt and ground black pepper.

19:30 – Transfer to the airport.
21:00 – Departure to Tashkent by flight HY58 (subject to change).
23:45 – Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting is at the airport. Transfer and check in a hotel.

Overnight is in Tashkent.