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Arrival in airport 1 hour before departure!
07:30 –  Departure to Bukhara flight HY1321 (departure time may change).
09:15 –  Arrival in Bukhara. Meeting at the airport.

Excursion in Bukhara:
Lyabi-Hauz ensemble – the largest artificial reservoir of medieval Bukhara – is very popular among tourists (14-17th cc),“Khanaka and madrassah of Nadir Divan-Beghi” – a massive rectangular structure that was a place for the refuge and meditation of Sufis (17th c), Kukeldash Madrassah(16th c) – one of the biggest Bukhara madrassah,“Magoki-Attari Mosque” – the most ancient mosque in Bukhara (12th c) is considered a masterpiece of Bukhara architecture, “Tim of Abdullah-Khan madrassah” (1588-1590), atlas shops, Abdulaziz-khan Madrassah” – a traditional madrassah with 2 floors of hudjras and a mosque on the central axis ( mid. of 17th c), “Ulugbeg Madrassah” – one of the 3madrassahs constructed by grandson of Tamerlan – Ulugbeg (15th c), “Taki Zargaron” – the dome of jewelers (15-16th cc), complex “Poi Kalon” (“Beneath the Great”): “Kalyan Minaret” – the main symbol of sacred Bukhara that symbolized authority and power of spiritual governors. (12th c), “Kalyan Mosque“- its area of 130×80 m surpasses Bibi-Khanym mosque in Samarkand, “Miri Arab Madrassah” – active madrassah is one of the most esteemed spiritual Islamic universities (16th c), “Ark Fortress” center of Bukharian state (4 c b.c.), carpets’ shop. 

17:30 –  Transfer to domestic airport.
18:45 –  Departure to Tashkent by flight HY 1336 (departure time may change).
19:45 –  Arrival in Tashkent.