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Gregory Kpegli, tourist from France, 20.09.2012

Bonjour Nikolay,

I cannot believe that it has been almost two weeks that we are back.

We have been very very happy to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country which Uzbekistan is.

We have met wonderful people, see wonderful things, and it is a little bit thanks to you.

Each time we are looking at the pictures we have big smile on our face, so I wanted to say thank you for that.

Everything is going all right back in our home places and I hope it is the same for you.

I wish you all the best, much happiness for you and your family, and I hope to see each other again somewhere.

I will definitely make some good advertising of Novotours.


Best Regards,

Gregory Kpegli and Laura Romero


Giovanni Mereghetti, tourist from Italy, 15/06/2012

Hi Nikolay

Me and Patrizia we want to thank you for the wonderful journey that we have permission to do.

We thank you also for your disponibility and professionalism.

We hope to travel again with your organization.

Kind regards

Patrizia and Giovanni


Mr Hector V Duenas, tourist from Mexico, 20/08/2011

Dear Elena,

I just want to thank you for showing and getting me around your wonderful country. This trip totally fulfilled my expectations about Uzbekistan. That was what I wanted to see. My dreams about visiting those wonderful cities, specially Samarkand and its Registan Plaza eventually came true. Hopefully in the future I am able to visit Uzbekistan again. Maybe when I program to visit nearby countries.

My best regards.

Hector Vidal Duecas Peca


Mrs Grazia Furlan, tourist from Italy, 19/04/2011

Dear Elena,

We stayed very well in Uzbekistan, your perfect organization has made our trip relaxing and very interesting. The guide spoke perfect italian, was always with us nice and ready to satisfy our curiosity. The driver a gentleman, good skiller, and very expert of the roads (not always easy). We were good in all hotels, clean and comfortable; we particularly liked the central location. In conclusion we liked your country, splendid in history, architecture and people. We hope to visit in future one more. In that case certainly we’ll ask your service.Thanks for all!


Grazia Furlan and friends


Mrs Ineta Petersone, tourist from Latvia, 30/08/2010

Dear Elena, Odiljon, Nicolay.

On behalf of my group and myself I want to thank your team for all arragements to enable a smooth trip like ours and offer our customers so many positive emotionsand real pleasure while in Uzbekistan! I really enjoyed every moment, even the bad roads and day-long desert scenes…

Our guide Mrs. Dilbar was excellent what we noticed fom the first moment! Thank you! I am more than sure that a praising feedback is spreading already among friends and relatives. My cordial greetings to all of you and thank you for a present- accepted with a gratitude. I hope to meet you some day here in Riga or visit you in Tashkent!

Best regards

Ineta Petersone



Mr and Mrs Munro, tourists from Great Britain, 15/06/2010


Just wanted to tell you that David and I had an excellent trip to Uzbekistan with Novotours. The trip was well planned and ran smoothly. Our driver and all the guides were extremely proffessional, helpful and well informed. We really feel that we have learn’t a great deal about the history of Uzbekistan and experienced seeing many wonderful historical sights.It was a great pleasure to tour Uzbekistan….the people are really friendly….the food….the accomodation….the bazaars are great. We would highly reccommend this tour.

With Thanks

Sue and David Munro


Wanner Manfred, tourist from Germany, 11/06/2010

Dear Mr. Raupov

Two weeks ago we enjoyed a marvellous trip through your beautiful Uzbekistan country. During this travel our group was impressed about the cultural monuments along the silk road, the beautiful nature and in particular the friendly people in your country. We particularly enjoyed the escort of our tour by Natalia, your German speaking guide. Her detailed knowledge about her country, the historical sites left no question unanswered. Due to her open and very friendly way she always kept our tourist group in good mood. It was a great pleasure for the whole group having Natalia around us for several days.


Manfred Wanner


Mr Manfred Knoch, tourist from Italy, 28/04/2010

Dear Nikolay,

back to Milan I want to thank you personally for the perfect oranization of our trip through Uzbekistan. Everything was perfectly ok, the hotels were choosen between the best of the country. Especially the hotels in Khiva, Samarkand and Tashkent were very good. The transfer by car was excellent and both drivers were very competent and cautious. They always helped us were ever necessary.

And what to say about the guide, Begzod. He is speaking a very good Italian and has a wide knownelge in history and archaeologiy. He gave us all explanation we wanted and he never spoke as an CD, but evrything was personally expressed. He helped us a lot as my camera was not working well. He solved really every problem, even the most difficult one. I can say that yoiu gave us an excellent guide, we could not have a better one. Thank you.

All in all I can say that our journey was wonderful, that your county is beautifull, the cities are splendid and the Uzbek people is extemely friendly and hospitable. Our trip through Uzbekistan was one of the most interesting ones we did in our life and I will certainly make some propaganda. If someone will plan a trip to UZ I obviously will recomend you and your agency.

Many kind regards an thanks, also from my wife,



Mr Hans Dewaele, tourist from Belgium, 15/03/2010

Dear Nikolay,

I would like to thank you for organizing what has been an excellent experience overall for us. We are thrilled about our stay in Uzbekistan, the sight and the hospitality of the people. What really made a difference to us was:

The quality of the guides. Their depth and breadth of knowledge was phenomenal. I had done quite a bit of reading before the trip and was happy to be able to make the connections between what they shared with us and what I knew already. It helped me to enhance my understanding of the history of the locations.

Also, I think that the Sarmysh Gorge was really worth the extra time to go and visit it. I’m sure it’s not on the traditional tourist tours and not everyone may be interest in rock drawings but it is worth the effort for anyone with some interest beyond the architectural beauties of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. It’s a nice window on some of the earlier civilizations that were already in the region. It’s only 1 and a half hour dirive from Bukhara.

Ravshan, the driver, was very friendly and helpful.

Thanks and we will be happy to recommend your services to any of our friends and colleagues.

I have also updated my website with a long posting about our trip. Hope you like it.




Mr Giuseppe Cavalli – Member of the group,  Italy, 14/10/09

Dear Nikolay,

I’m writing you about our tour.

The guide and the driver was OK.

The first adapted the tour to our request.

The second drove on the very bad road.

For the Hotels:

For Nukus – location was ok near the museum and ok the hotel restaurant and the breakfast.

In khiva the hotel was very good. (Location, Rooms, services and breakfast).

In Bukara the hotel is in a good location with the personal very kind but the rooms are very small.

In Samarkanda all Ok.

In Tashkent the suite!!! OK.

I write you only for give you some informations and, in the same time, I write you the satisfaction of my friends for your agency.

Good luck Nikolay



Giuseppe Cavalli

Ingrid Rasch, tourist from German group, 29/09/09

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

vom 14. – 24.9.09 habe ich Ihr Land besucht und bin reich an vielen schönen und bewegenden Eindrücken nach Deutschland zurückgekehrt. Es liegt mir am Herzen, Ihnen zu sagen, dass der positive Eindruck von dieser Reise zu großen Teilen zu verdanken ist der Persönlichkeit des Guides Furkat. Es war eine Freude, seiner differenzierten Sprache zuzuhören und von seinem außerordentlich breiten Wissensschatz zu profitieren. Neben diesen Kompetenzen finde ich wichtig zu erwähnen seinen Witz und

Humor, seine Warmherzigkeit und Einfühlsamkeit. Er hat nicht nur ein lebendiges und anschauliches  Bild der Geschichte des Landes vermittelt, sondern uns auch teilhaben lassen an der aktuellen Lebenssituation der Menschen. Ich spreche nicht nur für mich allein, sondern alle Mitglieder der Reisegruppe haben sich ähnlich geäußert und die genannten Fakten positiv

hervorgehoben. Ich erzähle gern und mit Freude von dieser Reise und von Ihrem Land und grüße aus Köln herzlich in die Ferne

Ingrid Rasch


Maria & Samantha Kee, Australian tourists, 07/08/09

Dear Nikolay,

Just a quick email to say Thank you for organizing our time in Uzbekistan. Can you please pass on our Thanks to Odiljon who helped organized our flight and driver. Uzbekistan was beautiful and we had a fantastic time!!!

Thank You

Sam and Maria



Laurent Gross & Laureen Biget, French tourists from Almaty, 12/05/09

Dear Nikolay

The organization was good, I mean the hotel were well selected and the planning was very flexible. I had to say that Leonid was very professional. He is very-very good. You are lucky to have this guy in board. I would like also to say that Albia was also very good.

To summarize, it was a very professional organization.


GROSS Laurent



Roger Brumhill, Leader of the trekkers group, Hong Kong, 22/04/09

Dear Odilijon – on behalf of Hong Kong International Trekkers I express my sincere appreciation for your sterling work on the occasion of the group’s recent visit and for the provision of a very professional support team. Particular mention must be made of Sanam Khidirova, Boris Karpov and Ramil Erkabaev whose services were very professional and much appreciated.

Best regards.

Roger Brumhill MBE

Senior Consultant

International Financial Services

20th Floor, Hip Shing Hong Centre 55 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong



Pascal Lassus family, French citizens in Almaty, 10/04/09

Dear Nikolay,

Yes we are back home after a pretty good flight to Almaty.

We have really appreciated the tour that you organized and would be glad to try this experience again in the future to visit other sites. The local guides we got were really knowledgeable and very friendly. Kudrat, our driver all the way, has been excellent, very polite and helpful.  Hotels were good and well located, especially in Bukhara.

So, overall, this has been a very nice trip.

Best regards,



Mark and Anita Wallace,  Great Britain citizens in Almaty, 06/04/09

Hi Nikolay

Mark and I wanted to thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip for us last weekend. We had a wonderful time; Delia and Ilhom were very professional and friendly. All the arrangements went accordingly to plan. We liked the hotels and thought all the sights were fantastic.

Thank you once again for all your help.

Kind regards

Mark and Anita Wallace



Mrs HUNTRESS Virginia, family of USA citizens in Almaty, 04/04/09


I have been meaning to write to you. We did have a very good trip over all.

We enjoyed Dilya, the guide very much. She had lots of patience with us since we weren’t able to listen to many stories all the way through and did a lot of chasing of children. She was helpful with playing with them too and they liked her a lot. She worked hard to help us with the hotel food arrangements and shopping requests that we had. It was difficult to get food at the hotels since none of them had menus so we didn’t know what to order at night for the children.

The driver was very good as well. He was friendly and professional and seemed to know the roads very well. We know we caused extra clean up for him each night but he did a good job keeping everything in order and making us feel safe.

It is a beautiful country and very interesting and we have recommended visiting to our expat friends here in Almaty. We learned a lot about Central Asia and that it is very different from KZ which we were not expecting. Quite an adventure. Hopefully the Consular problems can be sorted out so people can get there more easily. Thank you for all your help before our trip.

Regards , Ginny



Cecile Pelletier family, French citizens in Almaty, 03/04/09

Dear Nikolay,

I’ll give our feedback by email without questionnary, no problem. Our general impression is really good. The tour was good and the excursions as well, because we could mix visits (Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukara) and fun (yurt, camel). Guzal and Akim are a good team : she can explain everything and he drives safe. Hotels are fine, expecially Malika Hotel in Samarkand. In Bukara, the place of the  hotel Asia is really convenient. In Tashkent, it’s ok. At the yurt camp people were very friendly and welcomed us very well (excellent food and nice atmosphere)!

Thank you

Best regards




Fabienne Bernasconi, Béatrice Durand, Isabelle Verchuren, French citizens in Almaty, 13/02/09

Dear Nikolay,

Isabelle, Fabienne and I wanted to thank you for this fantastic trip. We were very happy with the hotels, and the timing for each city to visit. Our guide in Boukhara was also very nice. So may be to another trip.

With my best regards



Adam Westcott, tourist from Great Britain, 29/12/08

Dear Odiljon,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your company’s support during my recent trip to Uzbekistan. Elena was excellent in all her support and help, providing far better service than one should rightly expect. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and found it to be free from any difficulties due to Elena’s 5 star help.

Please thank her for all the work she did for us.

Happy new year.

With best regards



Dr Roger Jacquelin – Tour Leader of the group,  France, 27/10/07

Bonjour, Mr. Raupov, I have just came back to Paris, and I’d like to tell you that this tour to OUZBEKISTAN was simple MARVELLOUS ! Your work was PERFECT and our guide – MRS LATIPOVA was EXCELLENT. We receive the commentary of the clients which confirm my opinion. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR WORK and believe that we will sent quickly other groups to NOVOTOURS.

Dr Roger Jacquelin


Elizabeth Ferrier – Tour Leader of the group,  France, 14/08/07

Tout s’est tres bien passé. Hotels, restos, visites. Tout tres bien. Le car et les 2 chauffeurs, tout tres bien ponctualite, prudence. Merci a Odil et toute l’equipe de NOVOTOURS pour la cooperation. Notre guide est tres bien. Connaissances enormes, tres competent et tres efficace.

Elizabeth Ferrier


Ana Maria Tutzo Frigerio – Tour Leader of the group, Spain, 05/10/06

Thank you for your kind attention to all my group, everybody is very happy with the trip and with your beautiful country. We have had a very good flight coming back at home.

Ana Maria Tutzo Frigerio