Uzbekistan in the list of “The best place to travel in Asia.”

Published: 21 July, 2018

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The popular edition of “Lonely Planet” in the field of tourism compiled a list of “The best place to travel in Asia.”

Uzbekistan first got into this rating, taking second place after South Korea.

Uzbekistan has outperformed such countries as Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia in the rating of “Lonely Planet”.

As Lonely Planet notes, Uzbekistan “with its fascinating mosaic mosques and legends along the Silk Road has a strong impact on the imagination of travelers, but the Republic until recently was not sufficiently known for the rest of the world.”

The edition highly appreciates the steps being taken in the country to improve the conditions for tourism.

“By the end of 2017, the country has made great strides in opening up its tourism sector, announcing schemes for visa-free travel and e-visa, new air routes, and expanding its brilliant high-speed rail network, providing easier access to its brilliant architectural collection than ever before and ancient cities. Uzbekistan enjoys the benefits of its hospitality and positive reforms are taking place in the country”, – the newspaper reports.