Uzbekistan intends to open regular flights Tashkent-Jeddah-Tashkent

Published: 5 July, 2018

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As the press service of the “Uzbekistan Airways” said, Uzbekistan intends to open regular flights Tashkent-Jeddah-Tashkent. One of the goals of the opening of this flight is the development of pilgrimage tourism in Uzbekistan.

Regular flights on the route Tashkent-Jeddah-Tashkent are planned to be carried out at a frequency of once a week during the winter navigation period 2018-2019. Flights on Boeing 767, 787 Dreamliner airliners will be planned, given the convenient connections with Tashkent-Kuala Lumpur-Tashkent flights for transportation of tourists from Southeast Asia to Uzbekistan under the pilgrimage program.

The date of the start of flights and the flight schedule will be announced additionally.