Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: a single “Silk Visa”

Published: 29 December, 2018

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Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are planning to launch a project to introduce a single visa «Silk Visa» next year.

“The visa has practically passed all approvals from all interested departments. Now it remains to solve some technical details. This is due to the fact that the visa regime of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is different. We have, for example, electronic visas and they have not yet fully implemented it. Also, technical equipment is being coordinated, because they have one, we have another, ” noted Kasymkhojaev.

According to experts, the introduction of a single visa will stimulate not only the development of tourism in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but also the arrival of foreign tourists to the country who want to see all the sights of Central Asia at once.

Uzbekistan in the near future also plans to introduce a visa-free regime for another 22 states. Currently, visa-free is open to citizens of 18 states.

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