Unique samarkand bread

Published: 21 November, 2017

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Samarkand bread! The taste of which is unique … and it is true. There is even a legend about Emir of Bukhara. One day during his visit in Samarkand, he tried local bread. He liked them so much that he sent the best baker to Bukhara. After arriving, the emir ordered to bake the same bread as in Samarkand. Samarkand flour, tandir oven and even water were brought in order to repeat this unique taste. However, when the emir tried the bread, the taste turned out to be different. Then he commanded the baker to explain why the bread was not the same as in Samarkand. The baker replied: “The Samarkand air could not be carried!”

Therefore, since that time to this day Samarkand cakes are taken not only within Uzbekistan, but also beyond the borders of the country.

 Some interesting facts about the Samarkand flat cake:

  • Samarkand flat cake is baked from ordinary dough, but on a special leaven, which is used only for Samarkand flat cakes.
  • Samarkand cake is traditionally baked in tandir oven (a special semi-circular type of oven that has an opening either in its upper part or on the wall).
  • Bread is considered sacred if it tears off from the wall during baking.
  • Bread is used for marriage rituals according to some oriental traditions.