For tourists: where to go in Uzbekistan?

Published: 15 August, 2017

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In order to answer this question in details, you will need to read a book about the journey through Central Asia. And not the only one. We will tell you briefly what it is necessary for every tourist to do in the tour through Uzbekistan.

About the rich history and the ancient culture of our country, the tour operator in Uzbekistan Novotours Silk Road can talk endlessly. But we want you to see everything with your own eyes and feel with your heart and soul.

Each tour to Uzbekistan is filled with eclecticism: you visit modern megacities, live in luxury hotels and dine in restaurants with delicious varied cuisine and European level of service. But every tourist strives to touch history, original folk-applied art,  the spiritual values ​​of the people of Uzbekistan. And that’s why tours around the main cities of the Great Silk Road, which route passes through the territory of Sogdiana, Maverranakhr and Kushan Kingdom, are so popular. You simply must see the ancient Khorezm, – an untouched by time architectural museum in the open air; sights and a unique collection of historical monuments of Samarkand: Shakhi-Zinda, Guri-Emir Mausoleum, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Registan Ensemble, Ulugbek Observatory.

Oh, we still have many interesting things! Not far from Samarkand is a workshop in which the famous master manually makes silk paper by the the recreated ancient technology. And at the carpet factory, the girls are weaving carpets of silk threads, tying 40 complex knots in a minute with lightning fast movements of hands. And also – the winery of Khavrenko, where tourists go for tasting local wines. And in order for you to fully enjoy the impressions of what you saw, welcome to the generous dastarkhan. You need to taste a famous Samarkand pilaf, whose recipe, according to one of the many legends, is attributed to Amir Temur himself, and Samarkand flat cakes, which you need to take back home. And also – a lot of other dishes of Uzbek cuisine, tastier than which there is nothing in the world – so will tell you everyone born on this earth. Therefore, every tourist who came to  in Uzbekistan, should be ready for a round-the-clock culinary holiday: one should try everything, at least by a little.

And now – we are moving to Bukhara. A tour to the ancient and beautiful glorious city is a “must tour” in the travel program for Central Asia. You will feel the past: houses built in the past centuries with carved doors and bizarre locks have been preservedon the narrow, cobblestone streets. And under the dome of the picturesque oriental bazaar you will be taught a master class of the great Oriental art and will learn how to bargain, that is – to knock down the price of the seller, the more, the better! Not far from the bazaar is the untouched fortress Ark. Then the tour goes to Lyabi Khauz, where surrounded by the most ancient monuments – Kukeldash and Divan-Begi, in the shadow of the mulberry trees stands the figure of the great cunning of the East Khoja Nasreddin. You read about him in books, but bukharans own him completely and live peacefully under the care of the witty tramp of the master sufi Afandi.

Uzbekistan is an ideal place for extreme, ecological and ethno-tours. And each tour to Uzbekistan, one way or another, combines the whole complex of tourist delights. After leaving Tashkent, in an hour and a half you will get to the reservoir Charvak, to swim in the reservoir on a scooter, catamaran or motor boat. Going to trip to the mountains of Chimgan, you can meet the sunrise, and, having overcome the extreme route, conquer the next peak. And rising above the serpentine, rolling on a cable car, laid over a wonderful mountain canyon you get into Beldersay. Professionals and lovers of winter sports from around the world visits this place.

Tourists from all over the world come to an open-air museum under the city of Navoi to see the stone art gallery of the Sarmysh tract where over five thousand petroglyphs depicting people, animals, scenes of hunting and life are carved on black basalt cliffs.

Other popular tourist destinations are real fishing on the shore of the blue pearl of the waterless desert – Lake Aidarkul, yurt camps, on the Aral or Kyzylkum. You can get here with a help of extreme jeep tour on a powerful car equipped with a GPS navigation system.

And this is only the first chapter of the tourist multi-volume, which you can write about the Uzbekistan. Welcome to Uzbekistan! We always welcome guests from all over the world.