Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the project “Safe Tourism”

Published: 15 October, 2017

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Tourism is one of important factors in development of our country’s economy and creation of new workplaces.

Today, promising projects in the sphere of tourism are being implemented in all region. The President of our country during his trip to Khorezm region in January this year emphasized the need for full use of the region’s opportunities in the sphere of tourism, organization of new directions and their promotion to the world market, development of hotel and transport infrastructure.

During the conversation with entrepreneurs engaged in tourism, the Head of our state gave appropriate instructions to responsible persons on increasing the attraction of foreign tourists through the expansion of international cooperation in the industry, on improvement of the quality of service, training and improving the qualification of specialists in the sphere, increasing the number of enterprises producing souvenirs.

This was reported by UzA NA. Shavkat Mirziyoyev was provided with information on implementation of these instructions, projects on attracting foreign and local tourists, further development of the tourism potential of the region. Information was given on the ongoing activities on opening of new tourism destinations and tourism products, the expected volume of the tourist flow in 2018.

The concept of “safe tourism” is often used in countries with developed tourism. “Safe tourism” project provides for ensuring security and creating modern conditions for tourists and guests. The President of our country got acquainted with the project on implementation of the concept of “Safe tourism” in the region. It includes measures on equipping tourism infrastructure facilities with video surveillance, connecting state and non-state facilities that provide tourism services and ensure safety of tourists, to a single information and communication system, creating a database of tourists visiting the region.