Published: 3 December, 2018

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Perhaps the desert is the most beautiful that Nature has created. There are many places on earth that shake the imagination, but the desert especially! Nowhere so clearly do you feel the infinity of the universe and unity with nature as in the desert.

Extraterrestrial landscapes and remoteness from civilization makes it completely different to look at the world around us. The desert is not only sand and heat, but also nightly coolness and mesmerizing beauty. In appearance, she seems calm and serene, but in fact it is not so simple. She is full of life.

Anyone who dares to go to this desert will be forever fascinated by its beauty.
In fact, the desert is a surprisingly beautiful part of our planet, hiding many mysteries in itself. Kyzylkum … or “Red Sands” – one of the largest deserts in Central Asia.Bukhara, whose history spans more than twenty-five centuries, is one of the most ancient and ever-young cities that have made an invaluable contribution to the development of world civilization. Since ancient times, it has been known worldwide as the cradle of science, education and culture.
Kyzylkum is often deceived by tourists who expect to see the endless sandy hills around. Our desert is completely different! She is alive, all blooms and smells.
Not far from Bukhara, about 40 km. drive to the west is the ancient settlement of Varakhsha (IV century BC – XI century AD). In the site of Varakhsha there was the residence of the Bukhar-Khudatov dynasty, ruling here before the Arab conquest.

In the middle of the hot Kyzylkum desert in the vicinity of Varakhshi, you will see a fascinating eye and heart of wonder – the tourist and entertainment complex “Oasis Safari Bukhara”. The complex will give you the opportunity to truly plunge into the world of oriental tales from one thousand and one nights.
This is a great place for both historical and ecological tourism. You will find a rich and interesting program of various and exciting programs.
– Rest in a yurt;
– Camel riding;
– Beach and beach games;
– Children’s mini club and playground;
– Pool;
– Master classes;
– Show program;
– Awesome sight: sunrise and sunset;
– Doctor on call 24 hours;
 – Room service 24 hours.
(Services available at extra cost *)
1. * SPA – center (salt cave, hamam, clay treatment, psammotherapy (sand treatment), massage room, phyto bar);
2. * Zoo
3. * Riding Jeep;
4. * Riding quadrocycles;
5. * Sandboarding
6. * Riding a bike
7. * Horse riding;
8. * Hunting
9. * Fishing
10. * Beach Football
11. * Beach basketball
12. * Beach Volleyball
13. * Archaeological tour;
14. * Transport services;
15. * Laundry;
16. * Barber shop;
17. * East Bazaar (Shopping
18. * Sandals (Uzbek National Healing System)

1. * Restaurant Ivan;
2. * Restaurant under the open sky;
3. * Restaurant around the fire;
4. * Beach restaurant and bar (in summer);
5. * Lobby bar;
6. * Lounge bar;
7. * Restaurant on the water;
8. * Hookah bar
If you are ready to experience the true taste of adrenaline, adventures in the desert, then this tour is for you and your family !!!