Flights to Uzbekistan are now available through VISA

Published: 14 November, 2017

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Uzbekistan Airways National airline in conjunction with the National Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan has completed the implementation of the next phase of the project to ensure the sale of tickets through the corporate website of the airline with payment through international credit cards. As official website of Uzbekistan Airways reports.

From November 10 it is possible to pay the cost of the ticket using VISA credit and debit cards.

The further step provides for the connection of international payment systems, allowing the use of MasterCard, American Express and some other plastic cards.

Direct involvement of the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications and the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the ongoing activities to eliminate the barriers for the development of e-commerce and to create the appropriate conditions for the implementation of interactive services, will provide for the fulfillment of this project as soon as possible.

The realization of the entire complex of measures for provision of interactive services will allow for the sell of tickets on flights of the Uzbekistan Airways anywhere in the world and will contribute to the development of tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan.