Bukhara affirmed its tourist logo

Published: 28 November, 2017

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In order to form a single tourist logo of the region, reflecting the ancient history, culture, traditions and hospitality of the Uzbek people, the creative group of the Bukhara region carried out a great work on its creation- reported  State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan  of Tourism Development.

The tourist logo (brand) of Bukhara consist of following:

– A symbol of two-humped and winged camel as a sign of endurance, strength, victory and prosperity,

 -The almond form of the symbol means the form of state seals in the ancient statehood of Bukhara,

– The panorama of Bukhara, in particular the ensemble of Poyi Kalon is the evidence of creativity and unique architectural and construction works in Bukhara,

– The sunlight in the background as a sign of fertility in an oasis;

– The octagonal star is a symbol of the glorification of Bukhara as a sacred city,

– Pentagonal star inside the star and crescent means five duties in Islam, purity and independence of our Motherland,

– The blue color inside the star is a symbol of the pure heaven,

– Inscriptions in Uzbek and English languages ​​(Holy Bukhara and Buxoroi sharif) in a two-line shell in the form of almonds are reminiscent of the special status of the ancient city for the Islamic world;

– The logo, framed by a two-line circle, reflects the focus of science, education and culture, as well as the glorification of Bukhara from antiquity as a major trade center on the Great Silk Road;

– Patterns of seven colors in the middle of the inscriptions testify to the development of artisanship in the region, as well as the homeland of the saints who made a greater contribution to the development of Islam,

 – Yellow color in the middle of the circle and the sign of almonds means hot climate and golden soil of Bukhara, green one means a blooming and eternal oasis in the middle of the desert.

The tourist logo (brand) of Bukhara will undoubtedly become widely recognized all over the world and serve to develop relationships in all directions with foreign countries, international organizations and companies.