Nationwide competition on premium “Nihol”

Nation-wide premium “NIHOL” for talented youth in the field of art was founded by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan on August 25, 2000 ¦334.

Every year the geography and popularuty of this competition grows. Due to this competition gifted young people even from the back settlements get possibility to come to scene. With the Resolution of the Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan on March 14,  2006 were made some changes in law on “Nihol” premium. According to them the selection of candidates on premium “Nihol” is held now in three stages: in stage of district-city, region and republic. This approach made wide possibilities for discovering, selecting great talents from back settlements, regions, towns and villages of country, and it helps to prove their talents, realize creative ability.

The observance of principles of objectivity and equity during selection of candidates on the places strengthened the confidence of young performers and amateur artists. They are coming in a world of real art with strong hope. Participance in all stages of about 3 thousand young performers in such directions as, variety, instrumental performance, classic song, performance of national legends (bakhshy), art of dance witness the increasing prestige, status and scale of competition.

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