International music festival “Sharq taronalari” in Uzbekistan

The international music festival “Shark Taronalari” was founded aimed at popFetivalularization of the best achievements of national music, preserving and development of national music traditions, upbringing feeling of love to art in the young generation and further development of the international creative relations, glorifying the ideas of the peace, friendship, mutual understanding, the further strengthening of mutual cultural and spiritual cooperation.

The festival is carried out once in 2 years (August, 24-31) in Samarkand. Within the framework of festival program the following events are carried out:

  • Best Performance of national songs Contest;
  • Scientific and creative conference;
  • The Gala-Concert.

The delegation up to 6 person from each country can participate in the festival. The Organizational Committee covers all costs related to the stay of delegation in Republic of Uzbekistan.

It is allowed to participate up to 3 participants at their own expense.

Participants of festival submit the musical program to Organizational Committee in specified dates. Duration of the program should not exceed 30 minutes and can include the following directions:

  1. Folk music;
  2. Traditional classical music;
  3. Modern music, including variety compositions.

Professional and amateur creative collectives and soloists can also take part in the competition.

The international scientific and creative conference as well as a round table with participation of managers and producers on of the international cooperation in sphere of the musical industry will be held within the framework of the festival.

Representatives from 34 countries of the world had participated on the first festival “Shark Taronalari” in 1997.

Grand prix-winner had become Simana Imanova (Azerbaijan) and 1st place winners were Munojat Yulchieva (Uzbekistan), Shanzu To -Hurana (India).

There were representatives from 36 countries of the world on the second festival in 1999.

Grand prix-winner was Nasiba Sattarova (Uzbekistan);

1st place – Yun Kong Son (Republic Korea), Muhammad Aman (Saudi Arabia).

257 performers from 32 countries took part on the third festival “Shark Taronalari” in 2001. Grand prix – was not awarded to anybody.

1st place had been divided among performers Alim Kasimov (Azerbaijan), Nabijon Ibragimov and Soibjon Niyazov (Uzbekistan). The “UNESCO” special prize was awarded to the group “Altai” from Russian Federation and group ” Instrumentalists ” from Republic Kirghizstan.

Representatives from more than 32 countries of the world have taken part on the fourth festival “Shark Taronalari” in 2003.

Grand prix of competition was awarded to the group from Tuva (Russian Federation);

1st place was divided by performers from Republic of Uzbekistan and Islamic Republic Iran; 2nd place – Azerbaijan and Tadjikistan; 3rd place – Afghanistan and National Republic Bangladesh.

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