Festival of Bardic Song “Chimgan’s Echo”

Ecologic-touristic festival «Echo of Chimgan»

In June in tract Chimgan (at the bottom of chair-lift) held ecoligic-touristic festival «Echo of Chimgan», which is being held annually since 1977and have a long history and traditions.

For more than 30 years of existence, the festival transformed from the genre of only song festival to a great event with a very wide program of  activities, including the propaganda of  ecological support of our motherland with holding traditional ecological actions – cleaning the Chimgan tract  of garbage, which is gathered from careless  «tourists» and people strange to culture of rest. In context of festival there are many interesting competitions: among children and young people to mountaineer on the top of Big Chimgan, rock-climbing, mountain bike. And, of course it’s a song program in a festival, which adheres the sence of aesthetics, patriotism and respect to our land in young people.

In far 70th,  the festival came from the sphere of touristic and alpinistic sports camps, that usually were hold in the begining of the May, and in the evenings at the bottom of Chimgan mountains  the songs near the fire strengthened the friendship between alpinists-extremals and tourist-romantics. These meetings became the place of creative information exchange and a laboratory, where famous authors and performers of that time and the genre of author’s song(later – bardic song) itself formed.  At the origin of festival in Chimgan stood famous and almost legendary  Sergey and Tatyana Nikitins, Vladimir Turiyanskiy, Alexander Sukhanov, Victor Berkovskiy, Victor Baranov, brothers Byalskie, Vladimir Bagramov and other famous bards. Famous song «Golden Brichmulla», that come out on festival in Chimgan and firstly performed by Sergey and Tatiana Nikitin’s at that time, became the anthem of the festival and is performed nowadays on all famous festivals of author’s song.

At the years of its existence many of organizator of first festival immigrated to another countries – Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Canada, Germany and other. But the festival didn’t lose its actuality, but  got more popularuty. The holding of festival is playing a big role in adhering our young people in spirit of patriotism and internationalism.

Festival, being hold in the beginning of June, when all the flowers and plants blossom, attract not only Uzbek people, but the guests from Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Germany, Israel and other countries.

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