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Old people knew well their family tree, dynasty and ancestors. Turki nations are traditionally divided into three large groups: korluk-chigils, kipchoks and oguz. All Turki people descend from these three generations and further divided into smaller families. Our nation consists of hundreds of families, which merged with each other for thousand years and formed present Uzbek nation.

It is interesting to see the family tree of famous people. For example, the dynasty of Temurids originates from barlos tribe and is divided in the following way:: the son of Bahodir Taragay – Amir Temur, the son of Amir Temur – Shokhrukh mirzo, his offspring – Mirzo Ulugbek, the son of Ulugbek – Abdullatifmirzo …

And here is the family tree of Bobur Mirzo:the son of emir Bahodir Taragay Amir Temur, the third son of Djakhongir (Ruler) Mironshokh – Sulton Muhammad Mirzo – Sulton Abdusayid, successor of Abdusayid Mirzo – Umarshaykh, Umarshaykh’s son – Mirzo Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur, offspring of Bobur Mirzo – Khumoyun Mirzo, Khumoyun’s son – Akbarshokh and etc.

It is clear that family tree has many offshoots. The knowledge of one’s origin from mother’s side, family tree of brothers and sisters make genealogical tree more accurate and large.