Uzbek bazaars: gastronomic tour
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The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the East is its fairy-tale bazaars! In order to plunge into the culture and traditions of the Uzbek people, it is necessary to visit the eastern bazaar during the tour to Uzbekistan.

Eastern bazaars are epicenters of the Great Silk Road. Eastern bazaars are a place for the reunion of Asian cultures. Eastern markets are an abundance of colors and life.


The Alay market in Tashkent (12th century)

One of the oldest bazaars in Tashkent is considered Alay, tentatively emerged in 12-13 century on the mountain Oloy, which was just a trading place on the trade route at that time. Modern Alay market consists of product series, where the aroma of juicy fruit, vegetables and spices captivate visitors, also clothing center and a two-storey complex of jewelry, where you can buy silver or gold.

The Alay bazaar is located in the center of the city; a few minutes walk from such Tashkent hotels as «Uzbekistan», «Le Grande Plaza», «Ramada», «Wyndham Tashkent», «City Palace», «Radisson BLU Tashkent».


Chorsu Market in Tashkent (9-13th century)

Tashkent Chorsu market, which is already several hundred years old, is located in the center of EskiJuva (old town) close to the Kukuldash. Today it is a unique three-level complex, covered with sky-blue domes. It concentrated all the main resources of the region: sweet juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, dried fruits, traditional sweets, meat, horse sausage (kazi). Moreover, you will be able to watch with your own eyes the process of preparation of the famous Uzbek bread.

Next to the bazaar, teahouses are located, where a delicious pilaf and ruddy shish kebab are being prepared under the open sky, what gives a unique taste. And after a hearty dinner, you can stroll through the craft shops that sell handmade souvenirs. A sort of gastronomic tour in Uzbekistan!

The Chorsu market should be visited during the Great Silk Road tour.


The Siab market in Samarkand

A mandatory item during the tour to Uzbekistan will be the Siab Bazaar. It is a place where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the vibrant life of Samarkand. The market under the blue dome can boast not only an abundance of juicy fruits and vegetables, as well as a separate row of bread products, because Samarkand bread is unique. There are about twenty kinds ofuzbek flat cakes.

From such hotels in Samarkand as Diyora“, “Registon“, “Bibikhanum you can reach the Siab Bazaar in a matter of minutes.


Trading domes in Bukhara

During the Middle Ages, Central Asia passed into the hands of the Sheibanids. This period can be described as the rapid flowering of the city. One of the examples of such massive buildings are the domes of bazaars, which reflected the importance of Bukhara on the Great Silk Road. The construction was erected at the intersection of several streets, in order to unload the highway. In addition, such a wide space under the dome was used for placing shopping benches and workshops of local artisans.