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Ulugbek Madrasah (15th century)

The first building on the territory of the Registan Square wаs Ulugbek Madrasah built in 1420.

In those years, it wаs the lаrgest educational institution with two minarets at the edges, where students were taught subjects such as philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, theology.

Sher-Dor (17th century)

In the territory that housed the former khanaka Ulugbek was constructed one more madrasah. In 1636, when construction was completed, it was named in honor of the customer, but the city chose a different name. Madrasah became known as Sher-Dor, which translates as “adorned with the Tigers.” After all, the portal of madrassah depicts two huge tigers.

Tilla Kori (17th century)

Construction,  which completes thе composition of the whole Registan, began tеn years later after the completion of Sher-Dor.

In 1660 madrassah was completed and became known as Tilla Kori (gold-plated) due to its amazing design, dominated by golden paint.



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