Hajj Ali Ramitani, or the holy Hajj Azizon
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Hajj Ali Ramitani is one of the famous spiritual authorities of the Sufi school Hadzhagana. He was the greatest master of wisdom, possessing high spiritual qualities and pronounced charisma. People nicknamedhim as “Azizon” (“venerable sheikh”).

He was born in 1195. He lived in the village of Kurgon (now Romitan district of Bukhara region) and died in 1321 in Khorezm at the age of 126 years. Later, the remains of the sheikh were transferred to his homeland.

Khoja Ali Ramitani perfectly mastered the weaver’s craft.

He was considered the fourth pir of the seven holy pirs of Bukhara.

After the death of his mentor Haji Mahmud of Anjir-Fagnawiya, Hajj Ali Ramitani took spiritual initiation from him and headed the spiritual brotherhood of the hajjagan.

Holy Hajj Azizon is the author of the famous work “RisolaiAzizon”, where  the main provisions of the mystical path of the Sufi “at-tasawwuf” are described.

Sheikh BadriddinMaidani asked Ali Ramitani: “We often mention God in our speeches.” Can you tellme how to mention him in a proper way? Is it with words or with heart? «Thesheikh replied: “It is necessary to start mentioning with your words, and ending with your heart.”

Sheikh Ali Ramitani had many statements. One of his most popular one is following: “Watch yourself during two kinds of actions – when you say and when you eat.”

Hajj had a long life. Before his death, he instructed his youngest son Hajj Ibrahim to continue his teaching.

Four Caliphs visited Hadji Ali Ramitani. They were Haji Muhammad Kulohduz, Haj Muhammad KhallajBalkhi, Haj Muhammad Bavardi and Haj Muhammad Baba Sammasi.

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