Haji Muhammad Babay Sammasi
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Haji Muhammad Babay Sammasi was a famous Sufi, mystic, adherent of the tradition of the school hajjagan, follower of Haji Ali Ramitani.

Haji Muhammad BabaiSammasi was born in the village of Samas in 1259. He was the fifth pir of seven sacred pirs of Bukhara.

Haji Muhammad BabaySammasi made a graet contribution to the development of the Sufi school of the Hadzhagana and to the development of concepts and techniques of tasawuf, which are described in the writings of his followers “Makomoti Mir Қulol” and “MakomotiShokhiNaush-Band.”

Haji Muhammad BabaySammasi had many famous disciples and followers. According to one legend, one day the sheikh passed by the village of KasriHinduvan with his disciple Mir Kulal, and noted that this place should become famous due to a remarkable son who would make a great contribution to the development of Muslim spirituality and Sufism. Haji Muhammad BabayiSammasi also added that this village would be called as “the village of the enlightened”.  That was true, BahaaddinNaqshband was soon born in this village, who later became his spiritual son and made a huge theoretical and practical contribution to the spiritual teachings of the Tariqa Hadzhagana.

Haji Muhammad BabaiSammasi died in 1354. His grave is located in the shirkat farm “Uzbekistan” in the village of Samas (Romitan district of the Bukhara region).

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