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National uzbek dression Uzbek the word for “hospitality” is “mehmondostlik”. Mehmondostlik is a peculiar tradition of guest reception.

This ceremony is best displayed on weddings and guest receptions. When there is a wedding or a party in some place then guests come from both neighborhoods and from far away. Because there are many guests our nation, who observe the rule “wedding is adorned by many people”, welcomes and sees off an each guest. In this respect in rural areas where there is wedding celebrations there are also many close families except the hosts meeting the guests. Naturally, guests come not alone, but with children, friends and often on horseback. These guests after celebrating the feast and spending a night take part in “osh”, that is the dish specially prepared for guests. Besides, there may be organized a horsing competition or a contests of wrestlers in honor of the wedding. Only after it they return back.

The tradition of guest reception is a unique opportunity not only for fun but also for lively talks



Traditions of Uzbekistan.