Chillak game in Uzbekistan
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Chillak is mainly played by children in mountain villages. This game does not require any special game field or special preparation. To have a small tip-cat and a long stick made from willow or poplar is enough.

Chillak can be played either by two or with a group. Before the start of the game the referee throws lots to determine the beginner. The beginner puts a tip-cat on the edge of a small hole, then with the use of a stick throws it up into the air and kicks it as hard as he can to send it as far as possible.

Rivals standing on the opposite side of the pitch try to catch sweepingly flying tip-cat. However, it is difficult to do this. In case he/she is able to do that then the tip-cat should be thrown to the initial place that is to the hole precisely or at least to the distance of one stick long. The succeeding side wins the game and gains the right to throw.

In case the rival party is not able to throw in a tip-cat in the distance of a stick to the hole, the other party puts the tip-cat into the air again and throws it as best as one can. This repeated as many times as the rivals could throw the tip-cat to the hole in the distance of a stick. As a punishment the losing party shall bring the tip-cat with uttering “zuvv” sound at the same time not breaking off his breath.

There was one condition in the procedure of learning an old Arabic alphabet: a student has to pronounce by heart 32 letters of the alphabet in on breath. This always required from the child to have a good intellectual abilities and physical health. Only those succeeded passed to the next stage of education.

It is the same in the chillak game: if the runner breaks off his breath hew is stopped and the tip-cat is thrown further again. Then this boy or his fellow player must take their rivals on his back and bring them to the bench-mark.


Traditions of Uzbekistan.