Animal fighting in Uzbekistan
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Animal and birds fighting was one of the most widespread entertainment activities of Uzbek people. Thus, during national holidays like Navruz and Khayit along with horse race and wrestlers’ contest, performance of rope-walkers there were fighting of dogs, cocks, rams.

The fighting of cocks, rams or other domestic animals were held as a rule between two groups. The people carried away with this fighting specially raised strong and enduring males, and trained them. At the same time everything was taken into account: breed, body building, weight of animals. Animals were carefully looked after and fed with high-caloric food.

Year passed before some animal or bird can take part in a tournament. There were certain lucre except moral incentive and pleasure for each animal fighting.

By means of animal fighting did natural selection of species happen. Thus the strongest breed were raised and improved the race. Such is the main point of this game-tradition. Besides these activities helped people to rest and relax.



Traditions of Uzbekistan.