Wedding in Uzbekistan
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There are several ancient and traditional ceremonies related with the marriage of young people. We know well from the Uzbek fairy tales and national dostons (epics) the requirements of our ancestors to the bridegroom. Our ancestors checked how the bridegroom chopped the firewood, ploughed the land, rode on a horseback, struggled in a contest, shot from a bow, or did handicraft. There was an interesting tradition of “stealing” a bride, after which preparations for the wedding started and the wedding ceremony was organized. In Turki nations the price of the bride was high in every respect. Therefore the bridegroom side had to pay to the bride’s parents bride-money.

This payment was done by money, gold and silver, cattle, carpets or large felt mat. At present it has largely symbolic meaning. The wedding ceremony is particularly remarkable. There is a tradition till now from the times when our ancestors were fire-worshippers. When the bride arrived on a horseback (today in a car) the bridegroom helped her to get off and after going round the fire three times carried her in on his hands to the room of newly married. Thus our ancestors believed to clear the married couple from evil spirits. At the same time the bridegroom expressed symbolically that he would always respect his partner and look after forever.

There is also such a tradition in Khorezm region for a long time. The bride should not speak to her father-in-low for a year after the wedding. She does it not because she is offended but because of her purely oriental tactfulness and shyness. After she gives birth to a firstling she can talk with her father-in-low. It is clear that on the day of wedding both bride and bridegroom put on their festive attire, which differs across regions.



Traditions of Uzbekistan.