Parties in Uzbekistan
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Neighbours or former classmates (or group mates) or colleagues can establish their small company which forms their circle of relations to conduct parties. And such a circle of friends gathers together in a specified time as a rule once a month to hold a junket. These junkets are called in Uzbek differently: “izdokhom”, “davra”, “gap”, “gashtak”, “osh”. In former times such entertainments were mostly organized in the countryside. As rural people urbanized more and more, this tradition gradually entered big cities too.

The party is inherently the meeting of friends. Small meeting can help to settle many family affairs. The hosts prepare thoroughly enough to meet guests. First of all, a ram may be cut and bread is baked. Melons and water melons, grapes and pomegranate are put on the table. At a appointed time guests are welcomed and everybody take his sit at a covered table. During these parties various issues like the forthcoming wedding, relief action in the building of house or the organization of other mass events are discussed.

Our ancestors loyal to the principle of “equal to equal” believed that such meetings should unite the people of the same age: the elderly gathered separately and the youth did in their own circle, while, the middle aged people with a family and children arranged their parties.

Before, when there was no mass media these meetings were also the sources of information. Quite often the meetings were held in tea-houses, public places, where the stories of travelers, foreigners were heard, scholars and poets gave a talk.



Traditions of Uzbekistan.