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Ancient celebration held in time of autumnal equinox – Mehrjon – was one of the most widely celebrated festivals of peasants and cattle-breeders. In one of his works, Abu Rayhon Beruniy says: “As The Sun and The Moon are the two eyes of the sky, Navruz and Mehrjon are the two eyes of the time “.

This celebration is taken from the seventh month of ancient Persian calendar, and was held in the period from 23rd September to 22nd October. In Beruniy’s “Memorials of ancient nations” he wrote”…”mehr” – is the name of the Sun, (the festival) its name taken from this”. It means that, from ancient times “Navruz” was celebrated as the beginning of the new year and the new season of work, аnd “Mehrjon” was celebrated owing to conclude the growing of plants, and the ending of the working season.

Nowadays “Mehrjon” has lost its main meaning, and continue its existence as such celebrations as “first chanoq”, “festival of cotton” and the celebration of the harvest.


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