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Khayit is an ancient religious holiday.

There are two types of khayits. The first one of them is Kurbon-khayit which the holiday of sacrifice. The other name of this holiday is Big khayit. Two days before the holiday are also celebrated. On preceding days women bake slim bread, national sweets and plov. Neighbours congratulate each other and exchange with their specially cooked dishes. On festive days it is a custom to visit relatives and elderly and ill people.

Small khayit is called Ruza Ramadan and is celebrated at the end of Ramadan month (fast). Khayits are also called Iydi. Expressions like “congratulations with khayit” and “congratulations with Iyd” have the same meaning. Big khayit starts after Hadj that is pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca and Medina, which are related with the life and deeds of prophet Mohammad (SAV).

In Uzbekistan Qurban khayit is celebrated three days, at that the first day is officially public holiday. In Islam the main holidays are Qurbon khayit – Iyd al adkha, Ramadan khayit – al-fitr, meroj – radjab holiday, the night of destiny – Laylatul-qadr, birthday of prophet Mohammad (SAV) – Mavlyud. Qurbon khayit is celebrated on 10-13 day of zulkhijja month (the twelfth month of muslim lunar year.

After the end of Ramadan month, the ninth month of lunar year, muslims keep the fast and Ruza khayit is celebrated on the first three days of new shavval month. On the first day of khayit at dawn all men go to Mosque and do the first (morning) pray. Charity is given to the poor and indigent, poor families. Sacrifice is made. The following days people visit the cemeteries, read prayers and benedictions to the soul of the departed.

On khayit days it is a custom to buy sweets, new clothes and present them to children or relatives. The head of family and all adults give to the members of their family some amount of money (khayitlik).

Small khayit is celebrated as noted before on the first threee days of shavval month, after the keeping of the fast. Ordinary people celebrated this holiday as a big festival. There are presentations of clowns or rope-walkers in all places. Trading shops are full of festive and oriental sweeties.

During the Ramadan there is ceremony of food intake each evening at fixed time. The people keeping the fast get up early in the morning before the sunrise and have breakfast. After that they start the fast and neither eat nor drink. This is a original diet, purification and treatment of the human body. The fast hardens will of the person, teaches him/her temperance, strengthens his/her faith to perfection and moral purity.



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