Festival of melon
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 One of the festivals held owing to harvest is the festival of melon. In middle ages the festival of melon with very rich celebrations. In the period of ripening the melons and gourds per diem the peasants invited aksakals, neighbors and friend: “Tomorrow in this time go to the festival of melon “. The preparations to the event were held beforehand. Early in the morning, before the sun heated the best and ripest melons were chosen and laid aside.

Also, some delicious foods were prepared for the guests. All the people were invited to the festival: aksakals, children, all. Men took conversations and joked. After meals aksakals wished a good harvest to peasants and allowed the harvest. The participants of the festival were treated with the most sweetest melons. In areas, where gardening were developed, were also held “festival of apple”, “festival of grapes”, “festival of pomegranate”, “festival of fig” and other celebrations, according to the specialization of the gardeners.

Festivals and celebrations like these ones existed in ancient Khorezm and Sogd. By the information of Abu Rayhon Beruniy, they had such celebrations as, “festival of pumpkin” and the celebrations concerned with grapes.



Traditions of Uzbekistan.