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Sumalak is a traditional Uzbek delicacy, which every spring isbeing prepared in all corners and cities of Uzbekistan. In ancient times, the preparation of sumalak was a ritual rite before sowing works.

How is Sumalak prepared?

The main ingredient in the preparation of sumalak is grains of sprouted wheat. The grains are grinded, and then brewed in a cauldron with cottonseed oil, adding flour. In addition, so that the sumalakis not burnt at the bottom of the boiler, small stones are thrown there. However, there is such a belief that if this pebble is caught in your food, you should make a wish and it will come true. Songs, dances, games, jokes, necessarily must accompany preparation of Sumalak. The whole process takes about 24 hours. When Sumalak is ready, it is necessary to leave it cool, and then to serve to the table. After eating Sumalak, you will certainly feel a surge of energy.

Having tried sumalyak in different places during an excursion around Uzbekistan, you can safely say that you have had a gastronomic tour along Uzbekistan.

Legends about Sumalak

  • The first people who settled in the territory of modern Central Asia were engaged in farming. One of the winters turned out to be very harsh, to which the locals were not ready. Gradually, all the food stocks ended, and there was no warm clothes at all. By the end of the winter period, the landowners began to collect sprouted wheat grains, and then cook them with what would fall under the arm. Thus, people were saved from cold and hunger.
  • In view of the fact that the Navruz holiday has common roots with Zoroastrianism, the reason for the appearance of the traditional soup meal is to be found in history. The Zoroastrians had a special drink of Khaoma, which means “squeeze”. There is a theory that khaoma is the “ancestor” of Sumalak. Despite the fact that their compositions are fundamentally different, the symbolism is the same. Both the juice of Khaoma andSumalakare obtained by squeezing.

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