State symbolism
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Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of three horizontal bands of sky-blue, white and green colors of the same width. On the blue bar, white crescent and twelve stars are displayed. Thin red lines cover the bottom and top of the white strip. The blue color symbolizes the sky and water, white color meanspersonification of peace, green one reflects the fertile land and red colors represents life.

Coat of arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan shows the sun rising over the scenic landscapes presented in the form of the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya, mountains and valleys. There are the ear of wheat on the right side and the ear of cotton on the left side. The heart of the emblem belongs to mythical bird Khumo, symbolizing freedom and happiness. The upper part of the coat of arms represents the octagon as a symbol of unity of the people, in which a crescent with a star as honoring national traditions and spirituality located.

Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was written by Abdullah Aripov (words) and Mutale Burhanov (music). During the rendering of the anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan the attendees must be in an upright position, holding their right hand over theheart.