Mirzo Ulugbek
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Mirzo Ulugbek was the greatest scientist, astronomer and mathematician, grandson of the famous ruler Amir Timur. He was born in March 22 in 1394 in Azerbaijan.

Ulugbek’s mother didn’t want her son was a scientist and said that the world is ruled by force. Her son Ulugbek became a great scientist and he tried to convey the idea of humanity to the stars and learn more about such distant places. He made the star table, which is popular to this day.

 Ulugbek became the ruler of Samarkand in 1409. During his reign, the city was the center of world science from the middle Ages. Earlier there was the scientific school, famous organization of astronomers and mathematicians. There was built a madrasah in Samarkand, which was in the beginning of the Registan ensemblein 1417-1420 years.

From an early age Ulugbek liked to study astronomy, so he built a unique building for its era, the famous Observatory.

Many of his subjects did not support his policies and tried to plunder the public property, to provoke a war between cousins and even between fathers and sons.

Ulugbeg was assassinated in October 1449. The historian Mirkhond reports detailed storyAbout Ulugbek’s death with the words accompanied by Ulugh beg Haji Mohammed Hisrau.

Ulugbek together with Haji had ridden out from Samarkand in the evening. He was cheerful and talked about everything. When they drove a short distance, they were overtaken by a man and told him to stop in the next village to finish preparations for the journey of Ulugbek. Embarrassed by this order, Ulugbek was forced to stop in the next village and entered one of the houses. It was very cold. Ulugbek ordered to build a fire and cook the meat. A spark from the flame, divorced Nuker, fell on the cloak of Ulugbek and burned part of it.

Ulugbek looked at the fire and said: “Do You understand?”. Ulugbek thought, and Haji tried to comfort him…

Further Mirkhond told that there were two men who visited his house and attacked to Mirzo Ulugbek . One of them was a man named Abbas who killed the great scholar.

Historians of that time claim that it happened in 10-12 miles from Samarkand.