Art of Uzbekistan
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Looking at the historical monuments of Uzbekistan, eyes immediately catch the unique patterns on the walls, oriental ornaments and excellent calligraphy.

Masters honed their talents in an abstract direction in view of the fact that Islam forbad portraying people and animals. A little later, the houses of wealthy citizens began to be decorated with miniature, which have not lost its popularity for the past few centuries.

The greatest prosperity of this art came during the reign of the Timurid dynasty.

Moreover, since the twentieth century Russian paintinghave influenced the development of Uzbek schools of portraits and landscapes. The works of the great masters can be seen in numerous museums and exhibition centers.

One of the exceptional areas in Uzbekistan is considered art crafts. For centuries, this art preserves and perpetuates the Eastern tradition.

Works of the best artists from Samarkand, Fergana, Bukhara, Khiva admired both the local population, and far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan.

There are exclusive Suzane, hand-embroidered skullcaps, painting on ceramics, embroidery of carpets and all kinds of work with silk and wool.