The Uzbek national cuisine

The Uzbek national cuisine has a deep history and closely connected with the Uzbek culture, language and traditions.

Uzbek cuisine emerged as a result of co-existence and intermingling of several cultures, long-term development in the Fergana, Tashkent and Samarkand oasis and an important trading crossroads for the whole of Asia.

Today the Uzbek cuisine is a cookbook of Asian countries. All Uzbeks respect to the bread. The cake certainly put a “face” up on the table.

The main dish of Uzbek cuisine is plov («pilaf»). Every major city cooked plov on their own recipe. Khiva, Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara – every city can appreciate the plov according to the unique recipe.

Uzbek people love to put on the table Chuck-Chuck.

Chak-chak is sweetest dish, that eaten with tea or coffee. It is prepared from soft dough made from wheat flour and raw eggs, formed thin short sticks shaped like noodles, or balls the size of a pine nut, fried in deep fat (in a cauldron), and then pour the hot mass prepared on the basis of honey.

Uzbek cuisine is unique, exceptionally well thought-out the recipes of the most dishes. Many Uzbek cuisines make the tone for all other cuisines of the countries of Central Asia.